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Personnel Preparation Program Partnerships

Personnel Preparation Program Partnerships The Personnel Improvement Center delivered on-site services that assisted states in the facilitation of statewide meetings to develop and implement personnel preparation program partnerships, providing increased access to preparation programs coursework for community members in high need locales. Dr. Lisa Churchill assisted states in determining both needs and resources available and then leads partnership teams in developing customized “accessibility plans” for those high need locales.

Download the suggested personnel data needed and personnel preparation program partnership work plan used with this service.

Read the Center’s related issue brief and power point presentation.

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State and  Local Education Agency Initiatives Forging Preparation Partnerships

Minnesota State Department of Education Increases its Capacity to Recruit, Prepare and Retain Highly Qualified Special Education Personnel

The PIC state service provider Lisa Churchill provided assistance from 2011-2012 to Minnesota Department of Education in the facilitation of statewide meetings to develop and implement personnel preparation program partnerships that will provide increased access to preparation programs coursework for community members in high-need locales.

Increasing Access to Qualified Speech-Language Pathologists: The West Virginia Story

West Virginia (WVDE) requested assistance from the PIC to address the critical shortages of highly qualified speech-language pathologists. Both Dr. Churchill and Dr. Rice worked with WVDE state leaders, Kathy Knighton, Coordinator, Speech and Language, and Kathy Hudnall, Coordinator, Coordinator, Monitoring and Compliance, to leverage critical resources for developing and implementing speech-language pathologists (SLPs) preparation program partnerships (PPPs) and increasing the number of fully certified SLPs recruited, hired and retained by local districts.  This overview describes the PIC's work with WVDE from 2011 to 2012.

School/University Preparation Program Partnerships that Address Local Personnel Needs

The Personnel Improvement Center (PIC) and the National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals and Related Service Providers hosted a free webinar that featured the PIC's state service provider, Dr. Lisa Churchill, and her work in Utah in assisting the state DOE and local school districts to plan and implement personnel preparation program partnerships with state universities.  Learn how state and local administrators and their higher education partner faculty are making preparation coursework more accessible. 

Below are additional materials, developed by the UT preparation program partnership team, that are being used to implement the Granite School District’s action plan with Utah State University:

Denver Teacher Residency Program: A Model

The Denver Teacher Residency Program is designed for individuals who already have a bachelor’s degree and are interested in entering the field of education. The program provides training and instruction necessary to help them become exceptional teachers. The residency program combines clinical classroom experience in urban, high-need Denver public schools with apprenticeships with skilled lead teachers and graduate coursework at the University of Denver's Morgridge College of Education. The PIC Communications Manager, Leila Richey, interviewed several residents and teacher leaders from the second year cohort of the program who are currently being prepared while teaching in special education classrooms.

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